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Reviewer Services

What you need to know about reviewers . . .

The first rule of using a book reviewer is to avoid using family, friends, and colleagues, because they lack credibility.  The second rule of using a book reviewer is to research and investigate potential reviewers, know who they are, look at their reviews, because they, too, may lack credibility.

You have little or no control over who, where, or when someone reviews one or more of your books, but when you do, do so wisely.  A competent, professional book reviewer provides a balanced, qualified, and knowledgeable review without bias or prejudice.

You can use professional reviewers, but here again trouble abounds.  Sadly, there are self-published authors, who claim to be professional reviewers, attempting to bolster their visibility and reputation in the world of self-publishing.  There is also a trend where book reviewers, both qualified and unqualified, proudly claim they only accentuate the positive elements of a book.  Here again credibility becomes suspect.  Keep in mind; no review is always better than a poor, incompetent review.

Industrial Documents has helped individuals, companies, and corporations navigate through the writing, editing, publishing, and management processes for more than 30 years.

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