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Here is what you need to know about a website . . .

Websites are an affordable and effective way to promote authors and their books.  The most important part of any website is the domain name(s).  Yes, you can have more than one domain name.  The second most important part of a website is the web hosting company.  The third most important part of a website is the web publishing software.

Domain names are to websites what phone numbers are to phones.  Visitors will never find your website without a domain name.  The longer a domain name the better.  Here’s why.  All search engines search the domain name field first, and then compares the keywords, the domain name, and the total word count for matches.  The more matches, the higher the ranking within the overall search parameters.

Vanity domain names, such as, are nearly useless.  However, has a greater chance of being found in a search.  Create a new domain name, using the new book title, and then link it to your primary website.  The more domain names the bigger your network becomes, and the easier search engines will find you.

Web hosting companies are basically the same.  They lure customers with a low monthly rate for 2 – 3 years, and then raise the monthly rate, but worry not.  You can usually renegotiate a lower monthly rate.

Find, learn and read your website statistics every week.  It is important to know which search engines visit your website and how often, which pages are and are not being viewed, where visitors come from (search engines, other websites), the total number of hits, and so on.  Use your website statistics to adjust your website with a minimum of time and effort.

Most web hosting companies provide basic drag-and-drop web publishing software, which is little more than fill in the blank, having limited page capacity, and limited themes.

There are commercially available web publishing software containing drag-and-drop templates of unlimited size, color, and themes, or create your own stunning custom website.  The key advantage of commercial web publishing software is larger page description fields, larger keyword fields, and unlimited pages.

A disadvantage of some commercial web publishing software is it may contain fonts not resident on Internet servers or visitors’ devices.  In such cases, the visitor’s device will use a default font that is usually a different size, which reduces the readability of the website.  The good news is the website own has only to use a compatible font.  Problem solved.

Visit or, to see working websites that are searchable in any search engine.

Industrial Documents has helped individuals and companies effectively navigate the writing, editing, publishing, and management processes for more than 30 years.

Web Sites

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