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Monday -Friday,
9:00am - 7:00pm (EST)

Evenings & Weekends by appointment only.


151 Longfellow Drive
Newport News, VA  23602

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us today at 757-875-9721.

Choose from any of the following workshops:

          Basic Publishing Software
          Basic Web Design
          Custom:  What Can I Do Better?
          Designing and Managing Websites
          Effective Writing and Editing Techniques
          Search Engines:  Friend or Foe?
          Understanding Electronic and Print Publishing
          Web Hosting 101
          What Does E-Commerce Really Cost?

Why do I need a workshop?  Simply, designing and managing any documentation process or web site requires constant observation, evaluation, and modifications.

Plus, technology is constantly improving, which challenges our existing skills.  Knowing what these new technologies are and how to best use them can save both time and money, while keeping our skills sharp and at the ready.

Our workshops are designed for both one-on-one and group environments.  Workshops are normally conducted at the customer’s site or at an external venue.

Call us today at 757-875-9721 for a free 15 - minute consultation.


Half-Day Workshops, $100.00 per person, four (4) hours in length.  Ask about our group discount.

Full-Day Workshops, $200.00 per person, eight (8) hours in length.  Ask about our group discount.